Barry Wheaton is NOT a part of Solaré Distributors or Green Arrow Corp. (Akamihk)

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It has come to our attention that a person known as Barry Wheaton is operating falsely as being associated with both Solaré Distributors Inc as Solaré Solar Projects as well as operating deceptively as Green Arrow Solar, which is in now way associated with Green Arrow Corp. (Akamihk).  The legitimate companies involved (Solaré Distributors Inc www.solaredistributors.comGreen Arrow Corp. Akamihk) ask that we be notified should this person attempt to contact them under these false pretenses.  Any questions, please contact us at:

Solaré Distributors Inc.  1-866-960-2044

Green Arrow Corp (Akamihk) (780) 585-3744

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Great testimonial from a great client!

Hi Rik,Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the partnership built with Solare Distributors. Our manufacturing warehouse has always been a showcase for our customers and a home for our employees. Solare had contacted us months ago about implementing a new lighting system that would not only save us money, but help sustain an [...]

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Give your business bottom-line a hand up!

Since we're in the middle of a bit of an economic downturn, at Solaré, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our operating costs in order to give our bottom line a little boost or a hand-up.  Now, there's many ways a company can save money in the slow times, but it is important to [...]

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How much energy does a Small home or Tiny Home need? 4 things to know.

We at Solaré Distributors had a lot of interest lately from people getting into the Small Home or Tiny Home movement that is currently trending in North America.  The average size of homes in Canada went from 1050 square feet in 1975 to a whopping 1950 square feet in 2010, in spite of the fact that, according [...]

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Can a Light Bulb Change The World?

Okay, so the question is "Can a simple light bulb change the world"?  I suppose the simple answer would be "yes", but let me qualify this.  For example, if every home in Canada just changed one of the most used 60w incandescent lights in their home to the equivalent 6w LED light, it would eliminate [...]

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Top 3 Reasons why Commercial Power Audits Work!

Because we have the good fortune of seeing many power bills each week within our core business, we have been able to identify some pretty significant factors that invariably cause you company to pay a lot extra for the energy you use, or simply identify changes that could, but have never been made to your [...]

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Spruce Grove's FIRST solar rooftop!

Congrats to Dan and Sandy, the first homeowners to step up and add a solar system to their home in Spruce Grove.. This marks the first install in the city, and we are proud and grateful that they selected our company to supply and install it!  Keep us posted Dan and Sandy, and may you [...]

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Top 5 reasons to install Solar PV in Alberta

The Top 5 Reasons to Install Solar PV in Alberta are:1.  We have a LOT of sunshine.  Edmonton and Calgary are only behind Regina and Winnipeg in Canada.  Major solar cities in Canada2.  Electricity costs are skyrocketing!3.  Costs of PV are reaching (or have reached) grid parity4.  PV uses free fuel provided by the Sun5. [...]

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Our Launch Draw winner announced!

Solaré Distributors would like to thank everyone who "liked" us on Facebook to enter in the draw fr the Efergy wireless energy monitor.  Unfortunately, there could only be one winner, but we would like to congratulate Tracy Cisna dunn of Stony Plain Alberta as the lucky winner!  We will look forward to hearing her successes [...]

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Let's get to know each other...

Hey all....since we're pretty new to the scene, we'd love to get to know what your biggest questions are, what you know about the technology, or anything else you have to say!  Let's get a great discussion going on!

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