Barry Wheaton is NOT a part of Solaré Distributors or Green Arrow Corp. (Akamihk)

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It has come to our attention that a person known as Barry Wheaton is operating falsely as being associated with both Solaré Distributors Inc as Solaré Solar Projects as well as operating deceptively as Green Arrow Solar, which is in now way associated with Green Arrow Corp. (Akamihk).  The legitimate companies involved (Solaré Distributors Inc www.solaredistributors.comGreen Arrow Corp. Akamihk) ask that we be notified should this person attempt to contact them under these false pretenses.  Any questions, please contact us at:

Solaré Distributors Inc.  1-866-960-2044

Green Arrow Corp (Akamihk) (780) 585-3744

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