LED Tube lights


The perfect replacement solution for those old T8 and T12 fixtures!  Return your old, dingy, flickering lights to their original glory with rēvoLED® Brand LED tube light solutions that only uses a fraction of the energy.  Simple and easy to install with a slight modification of the fixture (Ballast needs to be removed or by-passed).  Available in standard 2, 4, 5, and 8' tubes, with  4000°K (natural) 5000°K (daylight), and 6000°K temperatures for various locations and at wattages from 10-28W, will provide a stunning , high-quality lighting, and because LED is directional at 120°, as opposed to 360° from traditional fluorescent technologies, the LED lighting doesn't rely on inefficient reflected light.

Our LED Tube lights are ULc certified and meet Canadian insurance requirements. 

T8/T12 Replacement Lights 

♦ Fits in standard T8 and T12 sockets   ♦ Internal LED driver

 Available in clear or frosted models    ♦ Extremely Long life of 50,000+ hours

 5 year manufacturers warranty          ♦ Zero warmup time, even in cold weather


Cooler/Freezer Replacement Lights

♦ Available in 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8' Lengths  ♦ Cool operation saves $$ on A/C costs

♦ Available in 120° and 240° beam angles ♦ Consume only 26W for ~2600 Lumens

♦ Aluminum strongback with clear wrap-around polycarbonate cover

♦ Moisture-proof  ♦ Includes external CSA, cUL LED Driver ♦ 5 year Warranty