Power Bill Audit






Why do a power audit?  

Utility bills are cryptic by design, so it's no surprise that most people don't understand them.  By just having a look at your current utility bell, we can get key information that can help reduce you power bill in a couple simple ways.

-We analyze the transmission and distribution portion to see if you're paying more than you need to.  This will also allow us to calculate the effectiveness of any prctices or material changes we can make that could positively affect your bill.

-We also look at your retailer to ensure you are paying a fair market price, and if not, we can often either recommend an alternate supplier or broker a better deal on your behalf.


We have a better than 40% success rate in finding savings for our commercial and industrial clients, in addition to our many success stories of how our LED retrofits are saving our clients thousands of dollars each and every year.  Tell us your story and we'll be happy to help.  Contact us today.



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