LED lighting and solar PV equipment

Located in Spruce Grove, and servicing Western Canada including Edmonton, Solare distributors is a distributor of LED lighting and solar PV equipment. We fix power bills by performing power bill audits, changing out your inefficient lighting with LED Lighting, or adding solar PV Solutions to harness free energy, we effectively reduce your high energy costs. Solare Distributors is only 15 minute drive from Edmonton, many contractors and builders will make the short drive to visit the premiere LED lighting and solar PV equipment distributor in Western Canada. Through analysis of your current consumption and comparison of your billing we can determine the effects, including ROI, of a retrofit or cost analysis for new construction. With a thorough understanding of how your utility charges you can get the most savings for your investment, sometimes saving money without changing a light bulb.

Commercial LED Lighting

Our LED lighting is for commercial and industrial applications and is intended for for new construction and retrofit or replacement. Catering to the electrical contractor we are a distributor of many LED lighting products. We sell LED panel lights, LED T8 tube replacements, LED pot lights, LED filament lights, LED wall packs, LED high-bays and other LED fixtures. Most products carry a 5 year warranty and are rated for 50000 hours. They are made from components including Meanwell drivers, Cree LED, Bridgelux LED, Epistar LED. Many are supported with DLC (Design Lighting Consortium), Energy Star, ROHS compliant and all products are approved for use in Canada. Some products are 0-10 volt dimming while others are triac dimmable. Visit our LED Lighting showroom in Spruce Grove, only at 15 minute drive from Edmonton.

Solar PV

Our solar PV is a grid tied micro inverter system for residential and commercial. The standard system consists of 250 watt panels, 500 watt micro inverters and anodized aluminum racking. The Renesola polycrystaline panels have a 25 year warranty, are resistant to breakage from 80 kph 1 inch hail and are made to handle Canadian winters. The APS micro inverters are 500 watts each so they can handle 2 of our standard panels, they also carry a 25 year warranty. They can be strung together in strings of up to 7 for a total of 3500 watts. We also have a 250 watt and a 1000 watt 3 phase inverter available. The racking system has a 7 year warranty and is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It is designed to assemble quickly and easily. It is designed to be an integral ground so money and time is saved not using a lot of copper wire to bond a system. Once installed the system can be monitored via the internet using the APS EMA monitoring system. We also sell various components including solar panels, inverters, charge controllers and mounting hardware so that individuals can put solar on their cabins, RV's and many other off grid remote applications. Visit our Spruce Grove Solar Showroom only 15 minutes from Edmonton.